Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WIWW {Family picture edition}

I feel like I am finally getting back to my groove! 

My brother was here visiting with his kids for 3 weeks and I really didn't blog that much or do any outfit posts. When I did have down time I was working my behind off trying to get stuff done for my shop. So I am still bad and have no outfit post today...but I will share with you "what we wore" family edition. 

We thought since we never see my brother (works in the Air force in Texas) we should do family pictures. And since we are all on a budget damn economy I decided I would take the pictures. It would give me some good practice...right!? 
Ya my family has to be the most difficult family to photograph EVER!!!
It was mostly the boys who would not smile and decided to goof off most of the time. Plus we had 4 kids that did not want to cooperate at all. 
This was a challenge and I got maybe 4 good pictures out of it. 
So here are some of my favorites

Love candid pictures

Don't you love how my brothers are not smiling...so nice!

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 Have a great Wednesday lovelies :)
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Lindsay S said...

I love all the coordinating outfits! You look great! What a pretty little family you have!