Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guess what?....

I have been such a bad bad blogger! 
You know what it is like when your life just says "nope, no time for yourself" well that's my life lately. I have just recently started watching my niece and let me tell ya....she is a handful. 
I have also been slammed with orders in my shop! I am so happy it is starting to finally pick up. I just have so much ideas and things I would like to do with it. 

So what brings me here today is to share some fun and exciting news with you guys. Are you ready?.....

Yes I am pregnant! and super excited. 
Me and the hubs have been trying but not trying, you know whatever happens happens type of thing. 
I think it is perfect timing, by the time this baby is born Jaxon will be 2 and I love that age difference. 
So this pregnancy so far is a little different than the last time. I don't know if most of you know but my last pregnancy was HORRIBLE! I was so sick that I was in and out of IV therapy twice a week. I would throw up 8-12 times a day and their was no relief, no drugs or anything could make me feel better. 
This pregnancy seems to be different so far, I have been nauseous but no vomiting...yet! I know I have a huge chance of getting super sick, but as for now I am enjoying this pregnancy. 
I have also been super exhausted, I wake up and want to go back to bed. My everyday tasks take me forever to do and that is one of the reasons for the lack of posts...I just don't feel like it when I could be siting on the couch resting my eyes :) 

But I do want to make it a priority to update you all on my pregnancy and post lots of pictures. I want to keep a journal of this one better than I did the last.

I hope you will stick around through this fun journey I am going through. 
Thanks friends.


Jennifer said...


Courtney Johnson said...

I forgive you!! But only because your preggers ;)


Life as Leah said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting, and yes-what a great age difference!! I'm glad you're feeling pretty good so far-I hope it all goes smoothly for you and I wish you the best!!

Brooke said...

Congratulations!!! This is very exciting! I'm so happy for you. I had lunch today with one of my bff's and her #3! The more the merrier!!!

Bre said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!!!!!!!
I wish you a smooth pregnancy this time around. Try to enjoy it!

Jazz said...

Congratulations! xxx

The Powder Room said...

OHMYGOSH!!! Congrats! Congrats on the baby! Congrats on your shop! and Congrats on your super cute blog layout! LOVE IT!

sorelle in style said...

Aww congratulations! What beautiful news!! :)

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