Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here is Zoie, she is so much fun to have. She is a good friend to Minnie. The will play out side for hours. The sad thing is Minnie is dominating to her. If Zoie has a toy Minnie will come and take it out of her mouth.
Everywhere we go we are malled when we have her, what can we say she is a cute little fluff ball.

So here is the most recent picutre of Minnie. She is getting so big, she is using the doggie door now. She is almost potty trained, and does pretty well on a leash. She is so spoiled, I think she has like 6 outfits! She is my baby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun day in the park

So we had such a fun day, we played at this really cool park out in Tonaquient. They have the coolest play ground. The girls call it the "spinny" park, because everything there spins around. Us adults were hogging all the stuff from the little kids lol...
It was a nice day to just be a kid again and forget about all the stresses of life, and it was nice to spend a day with the family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day preparation

So we had my brother and his family here for the week, so we decided to have a girls day. We baked valentines cookies and decorated them. Then we decided to pamper ourselves and give each other mani/pedi's for V-day. It was so much fun, especially to see my little neice. She is getting so big! Happy V-day to everyone.