Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday musings

I was going through some old (well 6 months ago, so not that old) pictures and found these. I love when I find pictures that I forget about. I guess that's what happens when you take so many pictures. I think I need to get better organized with my pictures and start scrapbooking them or something. 
What do you do with all your pics?

Love the drool, this was at his teething stage. I don't miss that at ALL!!!

This is always how it is..everyone sleeping except for me!

Love the little stud muffin look he is giving, what a little flirt!

It's such a nice relaxing Friday evening. I am so happy its the weekend that my husband has it off. I look forward to these so much, that means break for me aka the mommy! 
Curtis is so great to give me a chance to relax and do things that I need or want to do. I will most likely be laying out tomorrow (if the weather permits) and maybe start reading a new book. Any book suggestions out there? It feels like it's been so long since I got to go into a quiet room and just read. I remember the good ole Twighlight days....awe that brings me back :) 
I hope you all have a great weekend! 
Oh and for all of those lemonade lovers out there Wendy's has 2 new lemonades on their menu. I tried the regular lemonade (to scared to try the berry one) and it was quite refreshing in this 100 degree weather. Go grab one this weekend, they are delish!!! 

Giveaway over at Jessica N Designs!

I love finding new shops on Etsy and reading about people and their wonderful ideas. I came across one of my favorite blogs Jessic N Designs 
you really need to check out her blog and the CUTEST stuff that she makes, seriously I just want to buy everything from her!
Today she is hosting a giveaway from Jennelles Jemz . She is giving a way a scarf of your choice from her shop. She has the cutest stuff EVER and I want everything. Go enter the giveaway because you can't win anything if you don't enter!!!

My favorite one by far!