Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I have been looking for a free photo editor that does more than just the same old stuff and came across Pixlr. It's this pretty cool photo editor that does a ton of cool stuff as well as vintage editing. I am practicing editing on several different editors including photo shop (which by the way is so in depth and a little overwhelming!). I need to get organized and figure out a unique style for photography and what I will be good at. But go check it out if you have not yet. Here are a few photos I played around with.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So I have not been blogging like I normally do and have yet to finish my 30 day challenge (bad me). Since summer started and it has been warmer outside, me and Jax have been enjoying the outdoors more. I have also been busy planning my little guys 1st birthday party! I am so excited for him to turn one but then a little sad to see him growing up so fast. He is going to have a monkey themed party, with brown, lime green and yellow as the colors. I am a little sad we wont have as many people at his party but that's how it goes living down in Saint George away from all our family and friends. But we will still make it fun. I am not sure how it will be having a birthday party outside at 5 pm in July! It should be in the low 100's!
But besides birthday planning and outdoor fun I have been thinking about what I want to do with my free time (besides taking care of Jaxon) and me and Curtis decided that I should take up photography. I LOVE photography and how you can transform a dull picture into something totally different. I take a million pictures of Jaxon anyway and thought why not get really good pictures with a really nice camera! So that is my goal for this year and hope to start taking pictures professionally. Plus on the side of starting all that up me and my mom are starting a little boutique business. My mom makes the cutest crochet sunglass and camera cases as well as crochet flowers for headbands. I have made some little girl tutu's and will try my hand at making headbands. We already have our stuff displayed at a little consignment store out in Hurricane, and hope to start a facebook page soon!
Oh and I have been crazy lately winning stuff I just won another free photo session, a $100 charm necklace, $96 bracelet, a camera strap, and a brag book! all this month! I am on a roll and hope to be winning a lot more, I am a sweepstakes fool!
So there you have it, my excuses from being absent. I will try and blog more because I have a ton of pictures to post!