Monday, August 17, 2009

Camping in PineValley

So this camping trip was fun. It was really cold, not used to going from the 100's to the 70's burrr.....So the first night we were there we made a fire and were relaxing. My dad got one of his ideas to put a glass bottle with water in the fire. He thought the lid would just pop off and it would be cool I guess. So the bottle started making weird noises like it was going to blow. Everyone got up except for me and my dad (they were smart) all of a sudden I hear a boom! I look over and my dad is on his back and all I see is little fire balls, ash and glass flying every where. Luckly I had a blanket over my face and my dogs, or else I would have been burnt. The ash burnt through my blanket and my chair. We looked around the camp ground and found huge chunks of glass that could have hurt someone. I am so happy nothing happend to me or my dog. We got the camp owner called on us for loud noises, I think my dad learned his lesson.