Thursday, February 24, 2011


So everyone has some kind of addiction and mine has to do with the one thing that everyone woman can't live without...PURSES! now I know that most women see them as a tool to carry all of their belongings such as keys, wallet, makeup, chap stick, phone, and that stuff we need every month ;) But I see it as  that one thing that shows my personality and its that one thing that actually FITS!!! yes ladies it fits and when you find something that fits you can go a little crazy. I think I get a new purse probably every 3 or 4 months, and I have a good collection right now. I can't get rid of any of them, I love to reuse them when I am sick of one and so on...My husband thinks he is starting a new rule with me when it comes to getting a new purse. He thinks I need to get ride of some before I get a new one. I say that is not happening, a purse is like a pair of shoes you can't have just one pair. And a purse also needs it's own accessory which is a matching wallet, I know I am crazy.  So some of my favorite brands have to be Nicole Lee, Kathy Van Zeeland, Aldo, Guess, Jessica Simpson, BKE, and Betsey Johnson. Here are a few that I want!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I have so many things that I want to accomplish this year its crazy, so I wont list all of them because I don't think its possible. But I think maybe if I list them out I can get some of them done or at least started.
  • Loose 30lbs by July 1st (Jaxons 1st birthday) I have to get this baby weight off of me. If I don't start now I don't think it will ever happen. I have started trying to eat better and I have already stopped drinking Dr. Pepper. So lets see if this can happen and I can become that sexy thing I once was. 
  • Start a journal, memory book, and scrapbook for Jaxon. I know all three seem to be similar but they each serve a purpose. I would like to start a journal and write in it daily or maybe twice a week of things that Jaxon does that I think is worth remembering. That way when he is older he can read about how he was when he was younger and hopefully add to it. The memory book is something that I wanted to do even before Jaxon was born. I wanted to put his ultrasound pictures, foot and hand prints, and just all of the baby firsts. And last the scrapbook I would love to organize all of Jaxons pictures and make some memories that are easy to view and something that Jaxon can have forever. 
  • Get financially stable. Curtis has been struggling to get a job and he has one now but it is off and on right now. I would love for him to get a permanent job with stable income. Crossing our fingers!
  • Buy or lease a house. I would LOVE to get a little place of our own. I am so grateful for my parents letting us live with them, but it's time we move out and have a place for our own. If we want to expand our family that is something that NEEDS to happen. 
  • Last but not least get pregnant before the end of the year. Now in order for this to happen the first and  last two goals need to happen. As everyone knows I am baby hungry and would start tomorrow if I could. 

A thousand faces...

 hyper as always
 can you say sleepy?
 so funny, first time for this face...classic!
 so sweet when he wakes up
 I love the string of drool. But look at those eyes...
 flirty little smirk
Mr. stud muffin
So I just have to post a few pictures that I think are worth posting. Jaxon has so many expressions and is so energetic and full of life, I am so happy I can capture those moments. It's so funny because I have thousands of pictures and most of them are of Jaxon. I think I pretty much take a picture of him each day (well not each day but close). I just feel like if I don't take a lot of pictures I will miss something. I really need to scrapbook and it is going to be so difficult to choose from all of the pictures I have. I just hope I am the same way when I have more kids. Let me know which picture is your favorite! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun day at the park

So the weather has been pretty nice lately and I thought what a perfect day to take Jaxon to the park. This was the first time Jaxon was on a swing all by himself. He wasn't too sure about what was happening and had a death grip on the chains! But after we gave him a few good pushes I got a couple of grins out of him. I love that I can start taking him to do stuff like that. I can't wait to take him swimming when its warmer and hopefully I can start meeting some stay at home moms while im out and about. Its crazy how many stay at home moms are at the park and they are always in large groups, then there is me all by my onesy self :( Im gonna change that!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Baby Amiah

So my sister had her first baby January 31, 2010 to a bouncing baby girl! They named her Amiah Rae she weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20 inches long. She is so sweet and has the littlest features and really long fingers and torso. I am so happy for my sister she is such a great mommy. I love being able to snuggle this little girl, makes me really want a girl! We love her :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am getting the baby munchies...and I can't help myself!!! Ok so Jaxon is almost 8 months old and I can't help but want another one. I am with my sister and her baby almost everyday and it is so fun to hold and cuddle a newborn. There is something about a baby that brings out a different side in people (not saying its a good side all the time) and I love that feeling. I love having a family and taking care of someone who is dependent on me. But there are several reasons that I want to have one right away. One I am not getting any younger, I will be 26 in May that isn't old by any means but that's getting up there for child bearing years. Two I don't want to have my children spread far apart, I would like at least 2 years between my kids. And three I just want one! Now I know Curtis is against this for now, I know he wants one in the future but I don't want to see where we are before we decide to have one. I know there is never a perfect time to have one so I say just go for it. Jaxon has brought so much joy to our lives and it couldn't hurt to add to that. So I guess its true what they will forget the pain of being pregnant and giving birth and especially from me who was super sick, I am willing to do it again!

I Love Spring Fashion!!!

So this has to be my favorite time of year for clothing. Me and my mom have been shopping lately and I love all of the soft floral prints and bright colors. For some reason I have been buying clothes that I normally don't wear, such as lacy shirts, big bold accessories, cardigans, and flats. I am such a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl but I think I am trying to find that girly girl that I have been hiding for so many years. I used to dress up and get all cute all the time, but I guess after getting married and having a child I have lost that. But having sisters and a mom that dress up all the time and are always so girly makes me miss that. Now if I can just get myself to wear skirts and dresses I will have unleashed that girl inside of me!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moms little monkey...Growing up so fast!

So Jaxon is almost 8 months old and he is growing like a weed! He has learned so many new things in this past month, its crazy. He has been teething and has been quite onery :( but he has his fifth tooth coming in which means I am starting to ween him. It does not feel so great when I am feeding him and he decides to chomp down on some sensitive woman parts. He has mastered crawling and is getting into EVERYTHING!!! he keeps me on my toes. He has also learned how to pull himself up on to anything he can get his tiny little hands on. We are starting to feed him different types of foods from the table, he eyeballs every bodies food and drink until we give in.
And he loves sweet potatoes, one of his favorites! and he is starting to like yogurt a lot.
Jaxon is such a joy in our lives and I couldnt imagine my life with out my little monkey. I just can't believe he will be 1 in July, I guess that means we get to try for another the end of the year!!! :)