Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspiration Workshop (Porches)

I wish I lived in the south, you know those huge houses that have the wrap around porches? they are gorgeous! 
I just have that image in my head of an older white colonial home with a white porch that wrapped around the whole house. Everyone sitting outside having a bbq or just relaxing with a good book and some ice tea in the summer time, or wrapped up in a blanket with some coffee in the winter. 
I think I could live on a porch if it was cozy enough with big couches and lot of pillows, and of course it has to have a swing. 
Or sometimes I envision having a house right on the beach with a small porch that overlooked the ocean. Sitting out every morning and taking in the scenery, the smell of the ocean and watching the marine layer burn away in the sun! ahhhh....I am dreamin! 
One day even in the hot desert of southern Utah I will get a porch, ill just have to have a lot of fans and some misters put in! ;) 

These are my porch dreams

Um...can I have the middle one, it's to freaking cute and I just love the colors. 

5 Things my front porch would have

-A lot of seating, and comfy seating
-a table so we could eat on the porch
-good books and magazines
-candles, to make the mood if you need to ;)
-speakers, to listen to music.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Denielle said...

I love your style!

Anonymous said...

Oh I want a front porch so badly... dang studio apartment :(

Mary and Dyer said...

I love big souther porches because of The Notebook :) I hope to have one someday!

I just became your newest follower! I hope that you can check out the blog that I just started with my sister and follow us back if you like it.

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alicia said...

I have the same porch dreams haha xo

About Us said...

I love The South! It makes me feel like home, even though I have grown up here. It is nice to have dreams and things to look forward to. :)

Pure Images said...

I LOVE your candle comment!

Bre said...

I LOVE porches. I mean LOVE them. We have a great balcony (as you can see in most of my pics) with a great sectional outdoor sofa. It's comfy and we do bbq's BUT since we live on the water (again as you can see in most of my pics) we have HUGE spiders. They scare me too much to hang out on the balcony. They are everywhere.
Thanks for the post Cerrisse.