About Me

Hello everyone! for those of you who don't know me my name is Cerrisse and its pronounced Sir-reese (it's french for Cherry only spelled with an extra r and s)
I am 26 years old and want to stay this age forever! I think it's the perfect age, and I am having fears already of going into my 30's...I know I am crazy!
I am currently living in Saint George, Utah and I love the weather. I am from Salt Lake and I don't miss it one bit! I would really love to move out of state if I could, maybe Arizona or California.
I am a crazy animal lover and would probably have a ton of animals if I could (husband keeps me inline ;) I have a cute little mini pin dachshund named Minnie, she is my second baby!

Minnie or as we like to call her "Minnie poo poo"

I am married to my wonderful husband Curtis who I met in high school read our story here.

We have been married for almost 4 years and are happier than ever. We have a silly boy named Jaxon who is 1. I am still in awe of him and can't believe I have a child. I can't wait to have more children, I want three before I hit 30...so I better get busy!


1 year

Right now my goals are to start my own photography and handmade jewelery business. I am on the right track, me and my mom have already ordered our supplies. So now we just need to get making the stuff and see if we can sell it. I will start a blog for our business soon! I will share all of our lovelies for all of you to see...so stay tuned! Thanks for taking time to read my blog :)