Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes...I am that mom!

 Today reading one of my favorite blogs from SoeilSelene I read her post about being the mom who.... and it was like I was reading about my own life as a mother, we have so much in common.
So this is my list as a "Mom who....."

I am the Mom who...

-Wipes my child off with antibacterial wipes everyday and I even wipe off highchairs at restaurants.
-Will not immunize my child because I don't believe in doing that to my child and that is my right as a parent.
-Wont leave my child's side in public at the park.
-Has never left my child with anyone other than family to be watched.
-Has never spent a night away from my child. (that will probably change when I have a reason to leave)
-Gives my child 3 vitamins a day, immune supporting juice, and fruits and veggies everyday. I don't want a sick baby.
-Let's my child dance as much as he wants, and when he is older I will support him if he wants to dance (my husband hates when I say that) ;)
-Uses Rice milk in place of formula
-lets my child eat whatever we eat and yes that does include desserts :)
-Will watch baby Einstein with my son until we both fall asleep.
-Still lets my son have a binki and he is almost 15 months old.
-Carries a diaper bag and a purse (I love my purses and I will carry to things just to have cuteness)
-Takes bubble baths with my son.
-Puts a leash on my son when out in public.
-Changed OB half way through my pregnancy and was so happy I switched.
-Wants more kids even though my pregnancy was a nightmare. I will do it all over again.
-Only takes her son to the doctor when its necessary. 
-Loves to shop for my son than myself.
-Forgets to eat because I get to busy.
-Takes a ton of pictures of my son, I hope I can stay consistent with my future kids.
-Chooses to stay at home instead of working.
-Tickles, sings, and plays all day.
-Doesn't believe in physical punishment
-Takes my child to a chiropractor
-Does not give my child any medication (only in certain situations)

-Buys my child a toy any time I can, I am a sucker for that happy little smile.

I am a mom who is in love with her son and only wants the best for him. Please respect my choices as a mother.  Thank you!


Lena Baird said...

You rock! I love this idea... I'm going to link up too!

lifeasleah said...

Sounds like you are one amazing mommy! I changed OBs too...I'm right there with you on that one. I'm too scared to try a babysitter either, which really sucks because there really isn't a lot of my family members in the area I live in! It's funny how as mothers we can be so similar in some ways and so different in others. Either way, I think it's great that you feel so comfortable discussing your mothering decisions with such pride : )

Katie said...

I'm loving these posts! I read a few of them today...and theyve all made me smile. Its nice to know how alike alot of us really are!
New follower from Soleil Selenes Linky :)

Ashley Trujillo said...

found you through Soleil Selene. Your family is lovely. New follower here :) http://ashley-diaryofareporter.blogspot.com

Sarah Fontenot said...

I also found you through soleil selene! Following you now!

Maureen Polderman said...

New follower....found you through the S.S. blog hop! My son's name is Blake! He was almost a Jaxson...too funny! Your family is sweet =)

Leilani Parquer said...

Thanks for linking up! I'm very particular about who I leave my kids with, too. The only family I'll let watch them is my sister and SIL. And I totally stand next to my kids at the playground. I get irked at the moms that just walk away and talk on their phones. Those are the kids that usually get hurt and have strangers comforting them because their moms are nowhere to be found. Sad, but true.

Cerrisse85 said...

Thanks for the fun link up! I love these and it gives us a chance to meet new blog friends. and I totally agree about the whole mom leaving child on playground. I actually witnessed a baby girl falling out of her stroller because the mom was not watching :(

Cerrisse85 said...

How funny! they are great names :)
Thanks for following!

Cerrisse85 said...

Like wise!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Cerrisse85 said...

Following you as well! thanks for stopping by

Christa said...

I was thinking that the other day, I hope I stay consistent and take as many pictures of a second child as I did with my first!

New follower from the Soleil Selene Blog Hop!

Cat said...

I love it! I linked up on this one, too. Sounds like you're a great mom!