Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas 2008

So Christmas this year was great. My family came up from St. George and we stayed with my grandparents. Curtis got me the best Christmas present ever, a new puppy. Her name is Minnie she is a mini pin-dachshund mix. She is the cutest thing ever!

It was kinda funny because we were all sleeping and Curtis woke me up at like 5:30 and said he had to go help his dad move a washer and dryer for his parents. I thought that was kinda weird but I was to tired to care. So he came back home went to sleep, and at 7 was trying to wake me and everyone up. The puppy was in a box under the tree for like 2 could imagine why Curtis needed me to wake up so bad.

So I was the first to open my gift and it was a big surpirse. My hubby is the sweetest!

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Carol said...

The puppy is so cute! What a great surprise!