Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got some catching up to do...

So I have been a naughty blogger and have not kept up with it at all! I guess there is not much to say when your a stay at home mom and your life becomes diapers, laundry, and spit up! But its all worth it :)
So Jaxon is almost 7 months old!!! I can't believe how the time flys. He is getting so big, he already weighs about 20 pounds and is wearing 9-12 month old clothes. He is so sturdy and thick, and very long. People think he is around 9 months old, but that's okay I don't want a little tiny baby anyways.
As for me and Curtis we are doing good, he is working off and on for a disaster clean up company. He is also going to school at Dixie and getting his associates in Mechanics.
We are a happy little family and I hope to add one more to the mix sometime next year, and hopefully it will be a girl :)

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