Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Changes/Thank you!

Sometimes I just need a change...
if you have not noticed already I changed my blog. I am not super happy with it, because I am not computer savvy at all! 
I would love to have someone design a awesome blog for me, but this mama is broke at the moment. 
Ya broke...story of my life. 

But let's not talk about bummer stuff like that. 
I am so sorry I have not been my blogging self lately. I guess I just have not had a drive for it, call it lazy or call it lazy. No it's really because I have been so busy! Starting up shop takes a lot. There is so much promoting and setting up giveaways, sponsorship, and reviews with fellow bloggers. It is a little stressful but so worth it. I have met some pretty amazing ladies and so happy to get to know them better. 
I have had this blog since 2008 I think, and I never imagined it would be like this. I never thought about how it would expand and I would get the chance to share my life with others. Makes me happy that I have followers that actually care what I have to say even though it may not be that interesting


for following
for your encouraging words
for listening
for coming back to read

It really means a lot! 


Amanda said...

Maybe you'll win a giveaway and I can do a redesign for you! :)

Gentrileeblog said...

We do love you!! Keep blogging! And good luck w your shop etc! So exciting!