Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Tooth Monday! Cookie ice cream sandwiches

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the cold sweets, like ice cream. I love ice cream and love to try new things with it. We made some simple cookie ice cream sandwiches which were so good and easy I had to share.

Chunky Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

Vanilla ice cream (or whatever flavor you love)

So easy a little kid could make these.

Make the chocolate chip cookies (I love the chunk chips) 
let cool for about 30 min. 
add the ice cream (you decide how much to add) in between two cookies
you can eat while the cookies are still soft and warm (my favorite) or you can freeze like a real ice cream sandwich. 
Just a great summer treat that is super easy! 


Bre said...

That looks SO yummy!!!! Too bad we skipped summer here and went straight from spring to fall.

Cerrisse said...

What it's already getting cooler there? so weird how different it is in other parts of the world. Today it was pushing 100! super hot.

Sarah B. said...

Hi Cerisse,

Congrats!! You won the giveaway from Gina for Setupshop! Please email me ASAP to claim your prize: sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com