Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can't Sleep!

It's 11, 12, 1, and then 2 in the morning and I still can't sleep most nights. I don't know if my brain is on a different schedule than my body but it's gotta stop! I am dragging in the mornings and mama's no fun in the mornings (as Jaxon would think).

Anyone else have this problemo

Anyways just up and going over so many ideas in my head (maybe this is the problem) of starting my very own little business! I get so excited thinking about it and can't wait to start. My sweet dad is even willing to help me get a little business going. We will see what happens! Well I guess I should try and get some sleep! Nite Nite!!!

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Tristy said...

You really should write things down at night that way if you have a great idea pop into your head right as soon as you lay on that pillow you can write it down then get some rest and get back to it in the morning. I had that problem alot and once I went through and just wrote stuff down it calmed me enough to get sleep! Good luck!