Monday, September 5, 2011

The weeks randomness

So I have been such a bad blogger this past week. I guess I just didn't have anything good to talk about :) 
But I did have an awesome week, it was really relaxing and good. My dad came back home after being gone almost a year living up in Salt Lake for work. It feels right having him back home and now I may have my sister back home as well. She lives in Phoenix right now with her daughter and boyfriend, but is planning on moving back up here! exciting. Now we just need to get my brother who lives in Texas to move back and we will be one big happy family :) 

I am so stoked because I leave for California on Thursday morning...early morning like 4 a.m. But I don't care how early it is, I am just so happy we get to go on this trip. It's kinda funny because originally we were going to have 13 people on this trip and all of us were going to cram into a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo...ya you do the math!  but as much fun as that would be we are now just down to 5 people going, my family and my mom and dad. At least we will fit into the condo :) 

I am so excited because I finally feel like I am moving in a good direction with my etsy shop and blog. I just got my blog design done by the beautiful Danielle from Take Heart . She did such a great job and her prices are very reasonable. If you need a blog design please go check her out :) 
My blog is not totally finished, I am still finishing up the little touches. But once it's done I will post it on here because we will be doing a little giveaway!!! I am so excited, I can't stand it. 

I will leave you guys with some fun pictures over the past week. 
Enjoy and Happy Labor Day! 

My sister in law Sabrina with Jax.

My brothers dog Zaeda, she is so cute.

Loves to be tickled

Poor little guy was so exhausted at 7 at night.

Family game night. Played apples to apples (which I won) and tip of the tongue. So much fun :)


Shantel said...

I love when little ones fall asleep in the silliest places! He looks so adorable! Family game nights are the best!

Lindsay S said...

The pic of your sweet boy asleep in his highchair is adorable! What a special moment that you caught!

Maegan said...

Awesome pictures, he's so adorable!

Where in CA are you going? If it's SoCal (I'm in/by Los Angeles) I hope the temps cool drastically for you ... was 105 today. Sux.