Thursday, December 8, 2011

Terrible Two's? Becoming a better mom.

So I was preparing myself for Jaxon to go through the terrible two's,  thinking "he still has half a year before he is two, why the heck is this happening now?".. So why do they call it terrible two's? They should just call it "Momma wants to run away by herself and never come back" lol ok well I only have those days sometimes, but it's becoming more more and more. 
This little stinker right here...don't let that cute smile and those big brown eyes fool you! 

  Yes Jax is such a sweetheart and can be a good boy when he wants to be. But lately he is testing his limits with me. He is starting to hit, disobey, becoming a picky eater, throws fits in the stores, and is now starting to beat up on his little cousin. I know that most of that is normal but I don't know how to handle the situation. I don't believe in spanking, and have resorted to putting Jax in "time out" in his room. I don't know if that will do anything, he may be to young to understand. 
I believe that everyone has their own love language (if you don't know what I am talking about go here  you can also take a test to see what your love language is) and Jaxon's is quality time. 
I know that I have not spent the quality time I should have with him the past few months. Starting my little business and now watching my niece has taken a lot out of my schedule. I think that may be a reason why Jax may be lashing out the way he does. He is showing me that he wants my attention. I realize that now and I have been making more time to spend with him. Don't get me wrong I play with him every day, I just think he needs the attention all the time. He does better when he has his cousin around to play with and I think that he needs friends. He is getting to that social age and it's really not being fullfilled because I don't know a whole lot of people where I live. It makes me sad, and I wish I was more connected to people here.

 But today was a good day we took Jax to the park, I think he needed some fresh air and to get out and play. He is such a dare devil, he climbs all over the big kid part of the play ground and today he went down the big kid slide all by himself, it was so cute! He loved it. 
I need to have more days like this with him, I need to remember that he is number one and everything else can wait. I think all of us mommas need remember that, we can get so caught up in the busy days and we need to learn to slow down. 


About Us said...

He is testing his limits and it is good for you to set limits and have consequences for his actions. You may think he doesn't understand, but he does or will soon. It is good for him. Keep up the good work!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

I swear I just wrote the same post in M's journal!!!! Ok, playdate ASAP! Are you free next week? I'm free except for Tues and Wed, so you let me know and we will make this happen :) P.S. What park is that? I can't believe ducks are still there?!

Sandy a la Mode said...

im still waiting for my first little boy to be born!!! eeks!! :D