Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 1- A picture of myself and what I did today

So this is a picture I took in the car and I thought I would add in a little cuteness with my little monkey in the background!
So today was a iffy day. I woke up early to the sounds of Jaxon talking to his stuffed animal in his crib and couldn't resist how cute he sounded so I thought I would go play with him. We went and had lunch with my mom and brother and after went to the park. Jaxon LOVES the swings, its like his new thing and we found the cutest park in Bloomington. Then after that we went grocery shopping (never fun, especially at Walmart) but I started to notice that Jaxon was not feeling so well. He has been spitting up a lot and it smells really sour and he has been running a little fever :(. This is the first time he has ever been sick and it makes me really sad, but I think we did good considering he is 8 months old and never been sick. I am hopefully on the down hill slide of being sick and I think he got it from me and I got it from my brother (thanks Jace!). But all in all it was a pretty good day! Here are a few pics of Jaxon on the swings. 

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