Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 15- Something I don't leave the house without

Well before my days of being a mommy I could never leave the house without makeup, lotion, earbuds, ipod...well you get the idea. Now I seriously can't leave the house with out diapers, wipes, bottle, formula, toys, and whatever else Jaxon needs. I never thought I would be using a diaper bag as a purse, but I guess thats what comes with motherhood. It's all good and is actually nice not to lug around a bunch of stuff everywhere I go. Oh and FYI if your dumping everything into a diaper bag make sure its a nice one that has lots of room. I made the mistake of buying 2 cheap diaper bags and then finally breaking down and buying one that was a little more money and well worth it!


Bre said...

That is a funny post. I don't have a kid and my bag is crammed full so I can't even imagine adding all of that stuff! I'm glad you invested in a proper large bag!!!

Cerrisse said...

It is crazy how much a baby can change your life! But its so worth it. Any plans for a family in your future?