Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 17- A picture of me and my family

My Family 2011

My husbands side of the family, The Woods (2008)

My side of the family, The Higley's (2009) 

So I thought I would share pictures of both sides of my family and share a little bit about them. Well if you all don't know yet my husbands name is Curtis we met in high school and dated for a while then split up and met back up again in 2005 and hit if off and here we are! We have a beautiful son Jaxon who is almost 10 months old and is the most amazing boy ever. We plan on adding 2 more to the mix before we hit our thirties :)

On my side of the family I am the oldest of 5, I have one sister Breanne and three brothers Bryce, Michael, and Jace. I have great parents my mom Dotti and my dad Jaran. I Love Love Love my family to death! We do have additional family members. I have two sister in laws Shayla and Sabrina, they are so much fun and a great addition to the family. I also have 2 nieces Annabelle and Amiah, and one nephew Ethan. They are the most adorable kids ever!!! I would like to think of myself as their favorite aunt CieCie ;)

On my husbands side of the family he is the youngest boy out of 5 kids. Here goes from the oldest Trevor, Shane, Devon, Curtis, and Mary. I also have the greatest in laws Linda and Dean, they have been great second parents to me :) I also have four amazing sister in laws Mary, Deborah, Liz, and a shout out to Bonni who may be reading this ;) and I just so happen to get some additional nieces and nephews; Hailey, Damon, Sarah, Ryan, and Dillon.
So I think I am a pretty lucky girl to have such a big and caring family like I do. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these people in my life. Love you guys!!! :)

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