Monday, April 25, 2011

My sick Easter bunny :(

We got him a little pre made basket and some plastic links, he also got a cute outfit (he is not wearing, we didnt want it ruined with vomit)

we tried to use the bowl to catch the throw up, got sick of cleaning it up off the floor :(

you can see it in his eyes, he does not feel good :(

Got a tiny smirk when he was playing with his toys.
So this was Jaxon's first Easter and the poor guy was so sick! He got sick the day before with a fever and all day vomiting. We have been really lucky so far, this was the first time he has ever been sick and it was a really scary experience for me. I know I am a first time mom and all but it's the worst thing to see your infant so helpless and miserable. We have finally got rid of his fever and he can finally keep food and liquid down, thank goodness!
Easter this year was very different for us, we didn't do anything at all! Jaxon was sick and so was Curtis. My dad was in Salt Lake and it was just the four of us (including my mom). My grandparents invited us over for dinner in which we couldn't go so I stayed at home taking care of my boys and watched Lost. Hopefully next year will be much better.

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