Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 18- Something I crave a lot!!!

So one of my favorite places to get the best caramel apples would be Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They have the best stuff ever!! I love their chocolate covered strawberries, the pretzels with caramel inside, and of course the apple pie caramel apple. This thing is so dang good that I can eat a whole one by myself (even knowing the calories are probably really high) and never want to share! I would crave this when I was pregnant and still do. Anytime I go to the outlet mall I have to stop by and get one. So if you have not tried one, you need to!


Bre said...

Wait I'm sorry did you say pretzels with caramel inside?!?! Yum. Remind me never to try that place I would be bigger than a house!
Hope all is well,

Cerrisse said...

Your so funny Bre, I don't think you could gain any weight! But yes they have the best stuff ever! I have to treat myself every couple of months because they are full of calories!!!