Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Love Spring Fashion!!!

So this has to be my favorite time of year for clothing. Me and my mom have been shopping lately and I love all of the soft floral prints and bright colors. For some reason I have been buying clothes that I normally don't wear, such as lacy shirts, big bold accessories, cardigans, and flats. I am such a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl but I think I am trying to find that girly girl that I have been hiding for so many years. I used to dress up and get all cute all the time, but I guess after getting married and having a child I have lost that. But having sisters and a mom that dress up all the time and are always so girly makes me miss that. Now if I can just get myself to wear skirts and dresses I will have unleashed that girl inside of me!!


The Kidd Family said...

I am the same way. I usually wear jeans and a t but today we were walking around the mall and I pointed out some clothes I thought were cute and Drue said "what are you talking about, you dont dress girly" I think I got stick in a rut after having kids and Im trying to get out of it. There are some really cute clothes out now.

Cerrisse85 said...

I know its so hard to try and look cute when you have kids to dress and make sure they are always cute. By the way your kids are so darling!

tmjrathgeber said...

I am the same way as well it wasn't until Jayme was 2 or so and I wanted to find a guy that I decided to try to be a little girly which I never was in HS or before now I like certain girly things but have to have a reason to dress cute.