Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun day at the park

So the weather has been pretty nice lately and I thought what a perfect day to take Jaxon to the park. This was the first time Jaxon was on a swing all by himself. He wasn't too sure about what was happening and had a death grip on the chains! But after we gave him a few good pushes I got a couple of grins out of him. I love that I can start taking him to do stuff like that. I can't wait to take him swimming when its warmer and hopefully I can start meeting some stay at home moms while im out and about. Its crazy how many stay at home moms are at the park and they are always in large groups, then there is me all by my onesy self :( Im gonna change that!


The Kidd Family said...

I too go to the park or other places and see lots of stay at home moms chatting and then there is me. I am more reserved/shy so I dont usually go out of my way to talk to them. I think I have a fear of rejection lol. I love the picture of Jaxon on the swing smiling. Too cute! Send some of that warm weather our way please :)

Cerrisse said...

Too bad we live so far away, I would love to have play dates with you. I wish it was warmer here, but I know how cold the winter is up there..burr!