Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I have so many things that I want to accomplish this year its crazy, so I wont list all of them because I don't think its possible. But I think maybe if I list them out I can get some of them done or at least started.
  • Loose 30lbs by July 1st (Jaxons 1st birthday) I have to get this baby weight off of me. If I don't start now I don't think it will ever happen. I have started trying to eat better and I have already stopped drinking Dr. Pepper. So lets see if this can happen and I can become that sexy thing I once was. 
  • Start a journal, memory book, and scrapbook for Jaxon. I know all three seem to be similar but they each serve a purpose. I would like to start a journal and write in it daily or maybe twice a week of things that Jaxon does that I think is worth remembering. That way when he is older he can read about how he was when he was younger and hopefully add to it. The memory book is something that I wanted to do even before Jaxon was born. I wanted to put his ultrasound pictures, foot and hand prints, and just all of the baby firsts. And last the scrapbook I would love to organize all of Jaxons pictures and make some memories that are easy to view and something that Jaxon can have forever. 
  • Get financially stable. Curtis has been struggling to get a job and he has one now but it is off and on right now. I would love for him to get a permanent job with stable income. Crossing our fingers!
  • Buy or lease a house. I would LOVE to get a little place of our own. I am so grateful for my parents letting us live with them, but it's time we move out and have a place for our own. If we want to expand our family that is something that NEEDS to happen. 
  • Last but not least get pregnant before the end of the year. Now in order for this to happen the first and  last two goals need to happen. As everyone knows I am baby hungry and would start tomorrow if I could. 

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