Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moms little monkey...Growing up so fast!

So Jaxon is almost 8 months old and he is growing like a weed! He has learned so many new things in this past month, its crazy. He has been teething and has been quite onery :( but he has his fifth tooth coming in which means I am starting to ween him. It does not feel so great when I am feeding him and he decides to chomp down on some sensitive woman parts. He has mastered crawling and is getting into EVERYTHING!!! he keeps me on my toes. He has also learned how to pull himself up on to anything he can get his tiny little hands on. We are starting to feed him different types of foods from the table, he eyeballs every bodies food and drink until we give in.
And he loves sweet potatoes, one of his favorites! and he is starting to like yogurt a lot.
Jaxon is such a joy in our lives and I couldnt imagine my life with out my little monkey. I just can't believe he will be 1 in July, I guess that means we get to try for another the end of the year!!! :)


The Kidd Family said...

The teething phase is no fun. Hopefully those teeth come in quick so mommy and baby can get some relief. He is such a little cutie! Sounds like he will be walking in no time, then you are in for some real trouble ;)

About Us said...

His are coming in and R's are coming out! Oh well, that is when you know your babies are not babies anymore right? He is adorable!