Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A thousand faces...

 hyper as always
 can you say sleepy?
 so funny, first time for this face...classic!
 so sweet when he wakes up
 I love the string of drool. But look at those eyes...
 flirty little smirk
Mr. stud muffin
So I just have to post a few pictures that I think are worth posting. Jaxon has so many expressions and is so energetic and full of life, I am so happy I can capture those moments. It's so funny because I have thousands of pictures and most of them are of Jaxon. I think I pretty much take a picture of him each day (well not each day but close). I just feel like if I don't take a lot of pictures I will miss something. I really need to scrapbook and it is going to be so difficult to choose from all of the pictures I have. I just hope I am the same way when I have more kids. Let me know which picture is your favorite! :)


The Kidd Family said...

Awww cute! I like the 3rd one down where he looks like he is mad and yelling and the flirty smile. They grow up so fast and pictures are the best way to freeze those moments so dont stop taking them.

*Sabrina and Mike Higley* said...

I love his sleepy face! :) haha