Thursday, August 25, 2011 I come!

So we got the call from our time share and we get to go to... Cali!!! 
We gave up hope thinking we were going to go, but the the 2nd to the last day that we were on the waiting list we got the call. I am so stoked!
I need a vacation so bad that it's not even funny. 
We leave in a couple of weeks and get to stay for about a week. We will be staying in Oceanside, which me and my family love. We were hoping to try staying somewhere different this year but we will take what we can get! 

I can already envision the smell of the ocean, the sand between my toes, sun on my face, and the sound of the waves crashing on to the shore...awe paradise!

Now let's just hope the weather is nice! 
Thanks for all your good thoughts!!! 


Kristina said...

YAY for vacay! These images are amazing! LOVE. =)

Bre Clifford said...

I was just in Cali and the weather was great so I hope it stays that way for you!
Have fun sweetie!!!

Stylocrat said...

Ahh, so excited! I want to go to California right now! :)

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