Friday, August 12, 2011

Insta Friday {Randomness}

Insta Friday! 
This is my first time linking up with Life Rearanged.
I decided I needed a fun Linky party for Fridays and saw some of my blogging buddies linked up here. 

This week was hectic but in a good way. I cleaned a lot, went shopping, played with my son, and had fun at the beach. 
Enjoy the randomness that is my life :) 
I know I still love kid cereal and eat it almost every morning!

Here is me in the morning..ain't I pretty? ha ha
I sit outside every morning, it is really the most perfect time of day!

Here is that is really his name! I talk to him every morning. I am trying to teach him to talk.
Playing with Zoie. I was kinda mean the other day and put her in the pool. I am sure she loved it as it was 103 outside.
This dog really lays in the sun almost everyday, she is my tanning buddy!
I swear I pick up his messes every night and in the morning this is what it looks like!
Jax swimming in his pool he got from his g-ma. Lol he is wearing girly floaties as they were a gag gift for my brother.
Wend to the park and took Jax on his first ride! he loved it.
Fabric for headbands, we just went and bought this stack. Can't wait to show you how they turn out :)
My little model wearing the tutu that I made, ain't he cute?

Ha ha love this smile, he is such a happy boy.

Gonna start reading this. My mom read it and said it was very good, can't wait!

Love my brown eyed boy.

Got a little upset while eating cake, not sure why!

I tried out the waterfall braid, and I love it. and by "tried" I mean my mom did it! :)

There is my strong hubby, caring up our big fun island.

Quail lake, it was so nice to cool off.

I hope you enjoy your Friday!!! 

life rearranged


Bre said...

I can't believe you put Jaxon in a tutu. Does Curtis know about this?! Ha ha.
I still occasionally eat kids cereal as well. I eat mine mostly for dinner and with almond or soy milk (I don't do normal milk) but it's so yummy. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Cerrisse said...

I know can you tell I want a girl! ha ha Curt will find out soon :)
I am the same with milk, me and Jax drink almond milk :)

The Kidd Family said...

We love to be outside too! We also have a bird that looks just like yours who is also named Bird or sometimes Pretty Bird. I love the picture of Jax smiling, he is too cute!