Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspiration Workshop {Favorite Color...Cerise}

Today is week #13 of inspiration workshops and this weeks prompt is your favorite color. I am such a girly girl and I love purple and pink, but I love purple more! So I thought I would do something fun and do a color combo of the two which is Cerise which is also my name just spelled a little different. 

A deep to vivid purplish red.
[French, from Old French, cherry; see cherry.]

Pinmarket via Cerrisse  on Pinterest via Cerrisse on pinterest

Via La bastidane creations improbables via Cerrisse  on pinterest

Via B Comme Bon via Cerrisse on Pinterest 

Tumblr via Cerrisse  on Pinterest

The Warehouse outlet via Cerrisse  on Pinterest

Tam Mc Tamalams via Cerrisse  on Pinterest via Cerrisse  on Pinterest

Kisses and Crosstiches via Cerrisse  on Pinterest via Cerrisse  on Pinterest 

What is your favorite color?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Shelly of The Daisy Diarie's! said...

Such a pretty colour!
Beautiful Inspiration!
Love your blog.
I'm now a follower.
Shelly xo

Heather G. said...

Love all of those pictures, but that cake is amazing!!

Classic Bubbly said...

alll this pink is making me NOT want to have winter come. LOVE IT!!


Classic & Bubbly

Bre Clifford said...

Lovely pics darling! That is a great color for sure. Those curtains would make a fabulous feminine statement in my living room.