Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some more help......please :)

Ok this is the last one I promise!!! 
My friend is engaged and she is trying to win a free wedding video for her wedding. You know how expensive that can be. So we are helping each other out with our Facebook contests going on. She is in second place right now and it ends tonight at midnight. So if you lovely ladies would help out another girl, I would so appreciate it and so would Megan.

Aren't they a cute couple? 

So if you could go to ForeverMore "like" their page then scroll through the contestants picture to #12 where it says Megan and Matt and "like" their picture. I really want them to win. And you would be helping me out with my contest because Megan is doing what she can to help me win. 

If you could go "like" The Boulevard home furnishings  then scroll down on their wall to my post (Cerrisse Higley Wood) and "like" my post. 

Thank you so much ladies and let me know if I can return the favor :)


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Hope she gets it! :) congrats to her!

Anonymous said...

I voted. :) Hope they win

Cerrisse said...

Thank you ladies!!!

Cerrisse said...

Thank you again because she won!!!