Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Days of summer with Jax

Can you believe summer is almost over (insert tear) and that means fall and winter are right around the corner. And that means that Christmas will soon be here!!! I am never ready for Christmas, I always say I will shop early and never do. But I have to give myself credit I just bought my first Christmas present this year, nothing special just a adorable little outfit for Jax. So I need to keep the momentum going so I am not struggling come December. 

But today the hubs had work off (love those days) and we took Jax to the park to play in the lazy river downtown and then took him on his first ride on the new carousel they put in this year. He was a little hesitant when the horse started going up and down but started to like it. He went twice and after the second time starting crying when we got off the ride!

We were not planning on him getting soaked, just get the feet wet. But he fell in. I think he really liked it.

holding on

was so exhausted after, especially because it was 105 today! yuck.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! =) I'm bad with Christmas shopping too. I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator :/

Cerrisse said...

Lol...I know they need to have a black friday in August!

babyboybakery said...

Your baby is soo cute!! Glad you guys had a good day!!